Mellifex & Escaroo Partner in a new Investor App

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Escaroo is excited to announce a new business partnership with Melliflex is an exciting new app that allows investors to bid against one another for the opportunity to purchase shares in rising startups looking to raise capital.

The Mellifex mobile platform enables SOEs, private companies, and their shareholders to auction any stake, secured through the Escaroo escrow system, allowing Investors to pay securely in USDC at the time of a winning bid.

By adding the element of competition, Mellifex wants to become the Christie’s or Sotheby’s of private equity markets, disrupting the entire investment ecosystem by giving startups and investors the tools to grow their wealth together.

How can you consistently reach extraordinary valuations with private transactions? How can you even tell if the deal you just closed was indeed the best offer? Mellifex solves these problems, by providing the tools needed to know you have not only received the best price for your offering, but also the best terms.

The founder & CEO of Mellifex, Matías Monteagudo, penned the tag line "upwardly mobile". We think it fits the brand perfectly.

Visit Mellifex here:

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