The Safest Way to Make Crypto Payments

cryptocurrency Escrow Patent History

Cryptocurrency is becoming more and more acceptable every day. This is not surprising as it offers a secure and transparent way to make both global and local payments. The demand for Cryptocurrency payments and transactions is increasing rapidly, but understandably, there is still a fear factor to contend with. is a totally new and safer way to trade /buy/sell using Cryptocurrency.

Why is Escaroo different from the rest?

The Escrow/payments market is a very competitive business in both the crypto and fiat arenas. What issues make you decide which company to use?

Escaroo is not like the competition. The company uses a unique patent-pending system that allows the customer to have their own individual smart contract for their specific transaction. The Escaroo system is all about you and your security, whether you are a buyer or seller. It is a Keyless system where the funds are not kept in a massive wallet that has the possibility of being hacked. No one has access to the money other than the parties involved, and it is not released until they are all happy with the outcome. If security and transparency are important to you, there is no better place to make your transactions. Escaroo does not operate in the herd mentality of other escrow companies.

What about B2B Transactions?

Do you have a business where you would like to use Cryptocurrency as a method of payment?

Have you been concerned about the security of the payments, but you don't want to miss out on the market share?

Cryptocurrency/Digital currency is becoming more and more acceptable. In fact, the recent conditions that we have been living under have further highlighted this. The world has been talking about the emergence of digital usage for some time, but the COVID-19 factor has brought the situation to a head. This is the ideal time for you to bring Cryptocurrency to your platform.

The Escaroo Escrow system, with its added safety and security, is perfect for businesses and merchants to use for your valuable customers.

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