Escaroo & cryptocurrency an alternative to traditional escrow

• Real Estate Escrow Services
• Aviation Escrow Services
• Marine Escrow Services
• Letters of Credit

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Real Estate
Escrow Service

By partnering with Escaroo, traditional title and escrow service providers can now offer cryptocurrency as a payment option for their clients. This guarantees client funds are secure whilst earning a fee for the transaction.

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Aviation and Marine Escrow Service

Private Aviation and Yacht brokers can facilitate sales in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by offering a secure escrow instrument from Escaroo. Expanding your business to the new generation of crypto-based wealth.

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Import or Domestic Letters of Credit

Facilitate international and local trade by offering a secure escrow instrument using cryptocurrency. Escaroo helps companies expand their business opportunities internationally while minimizing financial risk.

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Secure Transactions is the simplest most secure way to purchase anything using cryptocurrency. Our smart contract based escrow service is secure and easy to use. By partnering with Escaroo you will be expanding your client base to a whole new world of business, without the inherent risk associated with holding cryptocurrency for your clients. Additionally you will add another income stream on every transaction.

Connect to truly borderless payments with Bitcoin and Ether. Receive payment in any amount, from anywhere in the world.

Start your first Escaroo transaction, easy as 1-2-3

We have designed the process of Escaroo to be simple to navigate and quick to use,
all with low transaction fees.

  1. 1

    Start a Transaction

    Starting a new transaction is fast and easy. After submitting the form the 2nd party will be invited to join the transaction.

  2. 2

    Agree & Act Upon Terms

    Both parties work to agree on terms. Once agreed the transaction will be sent to the blockchain. The parties then need to act as stipulated within the terms.

  3. 3

    Release of funds

    After all terms have been met, the funds are ready to be released as agreed, completing the transaction.

Take the lead in this new world of finance by partnering with Escaroo.