Whitelabel or API Corporate Accounts

With Escaroo, accepting cryptocurrency for payment is easy and secure, giving you access to a new generation of cryptocurrency-based wealth.

The Worlds Most Secure Escrow Payment System.

Escaroo's proprietary KeylessEscrow® system allows you to be in control with minimal integration and reduced time to market, using our advanced API or Whitelabel options.

Real Estate & Title

By partnering with Escaroo, traditional title and escrow service providers can now offer cryptocurrency as a payment option for their clients. This guarantees client funds are secure whilst earning a fee for the transaction.

Auto, Aero and Marine

Auto, Aviation, and Yacht brokers can facilitate sales in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Offering a secure escrow instrument from Escaroo will expand your business to a new generation of crypto-based wealth.

Letters of Credit

Facilitate international and local trade by offering a secure escrow instrument using cryptocurrency. Escaroo helps companies expand their business opportunities internationally while minimizing financial risk.

Corporate Use

Partner with Escaroo for all your client cryptocurrency transactions, including Third Party Managed Transactions, Property Sales, Letters of Credit, and Mergers and Acquisitions. Power your business with Escaroo's secure payment system. 

We designed the Escaroo API in a RESTful way, making it easier to integrate.

Blockchain Agnostic

Our proprietary KeylessEscrow® solution can be programmed to work with any blockchain system, becoming the perfect solution for any business needing secure escrow payments.

Manage Client Funds

Streamline transaction processes by removing delays and uncertainty. Easily manage client monies and save time, increasing efficiency with real-time fund tracking.

Increased fraud protection

All funds are securely held via a smart contract. Once received, funds cannot be released to either party without the consent of the other party, guaranteeing no loss of funds.

Corporate Accounts Coming Soon

We are working hard at preparing our corporate account platform, but we want to get it right. Sign up to our newsletter so that we can keep you informed of our upcoming release dates.

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