Escaroo for Milestone Transactions

Escaroo has created a unique staggered payment option, which allows payments to be dispersed after clear milestones have been met.


Why Milestone Transactions?

Milestone transactions are a great way to secure your funds when purchasing or supplying a service. Funds can only be released when certain goals have been met, ensuring all services are provided as promised and funds are distributed when goals have been fulfilled.


Wave goodbye to Worry

At, we know uncertainty doesn't feel good. You can rely on to ensure your merchandise or payment is protected with every transaction. Our smart contract escrow service will keep funds secure until both parties are satisfied with each milestone goal.


Simplify the transaction

Using Escaroo is fast & easy, giving you the ability to buy or sell anything with cryptocurrency in just a few easy steps.

We built for one purpose, to give cryptocurrency a real world use case. If you are reading this you already know the potential of blockchain technologies like Bitcoin and Ether, but so often that potential is promised for some time in the future. Escaroo is here today!

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