We are Escaroo

We built for one purpose, to give cryptocurrency a real world use case.
Our patent pending technology is built with passion & integrity. We are Escaroo.


Escaroo was started in 2018, when Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrency prices were in a free fall, and the news was reporting crypto was dead. We knew differently.

Most of our team has been involved with blockchain technology for years, building a number of tokens, DAPS, smart contracts and ICO's for our clients, all the while feeling something was missing in the industry.

We truly understand the greatness of this new technology and wanted to give Bitcoin a real world use case. Harnessing the power of smart contracts, our advanced patent pending escrow technology puts the control back into your hands.

We give you the freedom to manage and control your own transactions securely, with features not found with any other escrow company. At Escaroo, we believe that money should be managed by the people who HODL it.

We are always looking for talent

Do you have what it takes to work with us? Send us a link to your resumé or CV for an opportunity to become part of our Escaroo team.

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